Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Week 3 of 2008 Proves to Not be so Great

Me looking very short.

Me getting a much needed massage.

It all started last Friday when my car was in the shop all day-Libby the Liberty has been "sick" a lot over the past year so this was not so "great." All day my chest and throat kind of hurt, but I was determined to go to the Yelp party that night-all free-beer, vodka, massages, etc. The pic above is of me and my new friend Angela-I'm so grateful to have met her!

So the party was great, but beginning Saturday and until now my life has been full of: fever, sore throat, chest congestion, head congestion, coughing, pain in my face (guessing that's sinus pain), runny nose, sneezing, hurting ears, and more!

Since I seemed to be getting worse instead of better I decided to stop being so stubborn and go to the doctor. Turns out I have strep throat and a virus-at the same time-double the fun for me! So now I'm on antibiotics and waiting to get better as work calls wondering when I'll be back, I get further behind in work, miss out on fun times like Trivia Night tonight with Angela and rest of Yelp crew, and confirm that Rachel Ray really does get on my last nerve.


Susan said...

I love Rachel Ray! Although, I never watch her show, so maybe I shouldn't say that. I just "think" I love Rachel Ray.

Nice dress-shirt!

Hope you feel better soon!

jessica said...

Thanks Susan! And I should clarify-Rachel Ray's talk show gets on my nerves, can't speak for her cooking shows.

Mike&Maggie said...

Oh no! That sickness is still hanging on? That's horrible. I Hate being sick. I'm so paranoid about us getting sick that I will walk to the other side of the room if I see someone blowing their nose (ironic given my own relationship with kleenex, I realize). I'm so sorry.

And, for the record, I am have two Rachael cookbooks.