Friday, December 7, 2007

Week in Review

I'll admit-the holidays have made the loss of my grandmother and my breakup kind of rough lately. But as I look down at my hand and see the ring that my grandmother gave me a month before she passed (the ring my dad had made for her while he was in the Peace Corps in Brazil) that she wore everyday, I think of her positivity, loud voice and laugh, and how people just enjoyed being around her. I try to remember that about her as I continue to try to grow as a person and strengthen the friendships I have now, as well as create new ones. That said, I realize how lucky I am that I get to do something fun every week. This helps me cope with the rough times. So here's how my week went, beginning with last weekend:

Friday: dinner with friends and their softball team (they've adopted me as their mascot) at a Mexican restaurant on the eastside where servers only speak Spanish. Fun and interesting dinner to say the least.
Saturday: brunch with two NEW friends-I am so excited to have made two new girlfriends outside of work-so hard to do. They are funny, nice, and like to do fun things like go to brunch! Saturday night: AckMe Event-sold some cards, met some interesting people, got to see people's reactions to my cards. Very cool.
Sunday: Saw Fred Claus with friends at my favorite theater-Alamo Drafthouse-where you can watch a movie and drink and eat full meals.
Monday: Running with my friend Jordan and then watched the Hills-yeah, I know it's ridiculous.
Tuesday: Got lots of errands out of the way after work.
Wednesday: Watched Project Runway with friends at Side Bar. Such a fun way to watch my favorite show. The whole crowd gets into it-clapping and cheering.
Thursday: Poker with the girls...I lost my money.
Friday: An event with Yelp-a web site I write reviews on. It sounds like it will be fun-it's an open mic where people will read funny reviews plus free drinks, pizza, and popcorn! I've met so many fun new friends at events like these.
Saturday: Christmas shopping, bang trim, and then see one of my favorite bands play-The Meat Purveyors. This is extra special because they are actually broken up but are playing a special show.

So hooray for fun things making the tough times a little easier to handle!

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Kate said...

wow. that is a big variety of fun things! I have to live vicariously through you. Don't get me wrong - I love my life and all right now, but it's a lot of "lather, rinse, repeat", if you know what I mean. : )