Thursday, November 29, 2007


Parts & Labour (the shop where I sell my note cards) is listed in the December issue of Lucky Magazine's article "The 50 Best Stores in Texas." Woo hoo! Here's what it says:

Parts & Labour "Texans have an intense sense of pride when it comes to all things related to their state, so it makes sense that a shop would crop up that exclusively features Lone Star-made goods. Items crafted by more than 200 young talents-many of whom live in the Austin area-are on offer, and they range from cheeky T-shirts to offbeat lockets. 1604 S. Congress Ave. AUSTIN"

As one of the "young talents" I get a discount in the store so I think I've spent more on purchasing items-like cute necklaces in the store than I have made in profits. Oh well, mo money mo problems, right?

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