Monday, October 22, 2007

Autumn in Austin

Today is the coldest day in Austin since last winter-currently 53 degrees and it's been raining since this morning. This weekend was in the 80's and tomorrow is supposed to be 70. Although I'd love to be closer to my family in Missouri, today reminds me why I love living in Austin-these grey days are few and far between and I remember what a bad mood they can put me in.

Saturday was another reminder as to why Austin is so awesome-get the alliteration here? New Belguim Brewery in Ft. Collins, CO sponsored a festival called Tour de Fat (they make Fat Tire Beer). It was so cool-all kinds of people-primarily bike riders, some dressed up in costumes gathered together for bikes, beer, music, and great 80 something degree weather. There was a section fenced off with "art bikes" that you could ride-crazy ones-tires made of shoes and more. Here are the pictures:

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