Monday, July 16, 2007

what to say?

I haven't written in about a month I guess because it's been kind of a "weird" one and haven't felt much like writing. I promise to get more childhood stories down in the near future. Despite it being a bit weird, the past month has consisted of some firsts and some fun times. (Notice that most of my firsts are food related-Okay, I really love food.)

The Assistance League of Austin Thrift Store: As a hobby, I take photographs, mess with them on Photoshop, and make notecards out of them ( I guess the that web address is a first for me too! Anyway, if you've seen the cards then this will make more sense to you-I basically take pictures of random inanimate items and have been searching for more weird things to photograph. This led me to this thrift store near me. Sure enough, this is where horrible plastic figurines go to wait to die. I bought a figurine of an owl. It totally matches the horrible plastic figurine I bought at Goodwill of a squirrel. My question is, who sells these things new? There's got to be some place where people who really love these pseudo-ceramic figurines go to buy them. Please, tell me where!

Peacock Lounge: My friend Meghan mentioned this place to me because she enjoyed it and I finally got a chance to check it out. It was cute-an eastside bar totally painted blue with great white molding all over the walls. The peacock motif was carried out throughout the bar but in a classy cool way. Little peacocks embroidered on the white chairs, peacock named drinks, and peacock decorations on the walls. The only disappointment is that they no longer have a patio-boo.

Live Oak Hefeweizen: Live Oak is an Austin microbrewer. I tried the Hefeweizen last night at the Draughthouse and loved it. It was perfect after stuffing my face with a burger and fries from Billy's when really what I craved was dessert, not beer. I now want to take a tour of Live Oak Brewing Company-anyone want to go with me?

Red House Inn-eastside bar attached to El Gringo. First time there-loved it because had a great outdoor area which made for fun people watching and one of my favorite caddy things to do-comment on people's clothing-both good and bad. Saw a few people not following my rule of "just pick one," meaning pick one fun accessory or clothing item-don't go with all of them all at once. Inside decor was kitchy and cute-with little tiny deer heads. Sounds strange, but I promise it worked. This was also the first time I ever tasted a michelada-beer with tomato juice, lime, and spices. Yummy, but I am also a lover of bloody marys. Ordered my first very own michelada Friday night at Doc's. Didn't give me a beer headache or anything.

Dart Bowl: Don't know if I've written about this one yet, feels like a while ago, but it was my first time there. I'm a horrible bowler, but bowled one of my best scores there for my friend Jen's birthday. She must be good luck. Fun collection of bowling knick knacks and crap as you walk in. I would love to go back and try to reach my goal of breaking 100.

Eastside Cafe: Was not expecting this to be a nice restaurant, but it was. It was nice, but maybe a little too quiet for my taste. Made it feel like anyone could listen in to your conversation. Feels like a house turned into a restaurant, which I love. Awesome goatcheese and shrimp quesadillas!

First internet transaction: So I've been selling my cards in Austin at a great store on South Congress called Parts & Labour-a first from a couple of months ago but still exciting to me. A few weeks ago I opened my online store at the web address mentioned above. My brother bought the first card from the site, but then a complete stranger-yay! from Modesto, CA bought one. This whole little online store has brought a few firsts for me-using paypal, selling something online, making personalized business cards, etc. It's been fun. Those of you that know me-spread the word-I'll send you business cards!

Well, back to Missouri in a couple of days to visit family. Not sure that there will be any firsts, but that's okay, because what I'm missing right now are the comforts and familiarity of home.

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