Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ronald Reagan Loves Fairview and So Do I

Ronald Reagan visited my elementary school when I was in fifth grade. That morning at school we had to go through a metal dectector. The school library was all fancy for that one day-new furniture, plants, the works. I remember being mad about that-let President Reagan see what our school really looked like, why try to impress him? The sixth graders got to sit on the stage with him while the rest of us sat on the cold gym floor. There was a t-shirt design contest for the event and my friend Susan won. The shirt was navy with white lettering and said, "Ronald Reagan Loves Fairview and So Do I!" How awesome is that? Susan, I would kill for one of those shirts today.

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Susan said...

Actually, the t-shirt contest was just for a new t-shirt for the school...had nothing to do with RR. My mom just had the idea of using his visit as the theme for the slogan. I'm pretty sure I still have my t-shirt in a box in my parent's attic!