Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mornings with Today and the Heating Grate

This has been an interesting week and it has made me want to just stay home with my cup of coffee watching the Today Show-like when I was a kid-weird right? I've made the best of it though-I've gone on as many bike rides as I can fit in; enjoyed Monday evening at Hula Hut with old friends and met some nice guys; Tuesday laughing with friends at the Bachelor; Wednesday dinner with a friend on a patio-one of my favorite things; tonight watching the Office finale with a new friend; tommorow a "Rock" party-we'll see what that's about; and Saturday, boating on Lake Austin. All in all, a pretty good week, despite not exactly being treated by a couple of people as well as I know I deserve to be treated. These moments, like I said, made me just want to be at home drinking coffee while watching Today like when I was younger.

The first house I lived in was a cute little brick bungalo with my parents. My brother wasn't born until I was seven, so it was just me and my parents for a while. The house was old and had those black metal heating grates in the floor. The metal would get so hot. In the winters every morning I'd get up and wasn't quite ready to be out of my warm bed so I'd sit on the metal heating grate in the dining room while my dad ate breakfast and watched the Today Show. It was a safe and cozy feeling.

The routine has changed a little-I still turn the Today Show on every morning, but don't have time to sit and watch; it acts more like background noise while I get ready for work and drink my coffee. The rough spots in my week reminded me of that time as a child and how sometimes I just want to feel safe and cozy with Today and the heating grate.

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