Monday, January 27, 2014

January photo a day 27 "something I bought"

I bought nothing today but we bought loads of fruit at the grocery store yesterday. Do you all think it's true that cutting the tops off strawberries helps them keep longer? 


Kate said...

I have NEVER heard of that, but I would be happy to run an experiment for your. We've got enough eaters here to warrant two boxes in the fridge at once, one cut, one uncut.

Normally I don't wash them until we're ready to eat them. If I cut the tops off am I also supposed to wash them at that time?

jessica said...

I don't even remember where I read it-cut the tops off and wash them to keep longer. I did that for a while but then went back to my normal routine of just washing as I ate them. I'd love for you to do an experiment!