Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January photo a day 22 "nice"

Girl, I tell you what...I thought I was going to be making a trip to the emergency room this morning. I was woken up at 6:30 by some of the worst pain I've ever experienced. Cold sweats and lots of cursing and whining took place until the pain meds kicked in about an hour later. So I am loving me some "nice." I am so lucky to be getting a lot of it from friends and family. Amazing how healing just feeling loved and thought of is. And the bonus nice? Gifts :)
Like this book that showed up in the mail today from Kate. She knows me so well!
I love the illustrations. 
And the way too many Tiff's Treats cookies from one of my friends at work. 
My favorite tea from Susan. I want to go to Paris just so I can visit this tea shop. 

Thank you ladies! These are such treats!

Most of my time at home this week has been spent working on my next Mortified piece for our Valentine's Day show. It is taking me forever so I'm thankful for some extra time on my hands. I've also watched Teen Mom 2 marathons and learned that there's a show called Paternity Court. SMH

Speaking of love and Valentine's Day, I busted out some scrapbooking paper, shopped my own knick knacks, and decorated our mantel for the holiday. It's fun to change things up in the house.

Thank you Target dollar bin for the garland and Goodwill for the two vases on the far left that I originally bought for our wedding. I stuck paper in the glass cylinders on the right. 

What a great excuse for me to incorporate more of one of my favorite colors: pink. 

All in all, like I said yesterday, I can't complain. The "nice" is awesome. 


Susan said...

So sorry you're still having so much pain at times!! Awesome job with the V-Day decor, though. Have you always liked pink? I used to hate, I was kind of against it. And I can't get enough of it now - it's kind of embarrassing!

jessica said...

Thanks Susan! I don't remember liking pink as a child, but I've loved it for quite some time now. I like many shades but have definitely gone through different pink stages-in high school art class I loved using pink and orange color combos, then pink and red, then while planning our wedding pink + yellow. I've loved all different shades from ballet pink to hot pink to pink pink. We came this close to painting our dining room pink!