Saturday, August 24, 2013

Steps to sanity/living like I'm a celebrity

I've been a bit excessive the past couple of weeks but I'm convincing myself that  the price of my sanity is priceless (for me AND Bobby and probably for my coworkers and employees too). 

Over the past couple of weeks I've paid others to do the following:
Clean my car
Clean a couple of shirts I could have hand washed 
Clean our house
Steam clean our sofa
Give me a pedicure and manicure 
Wax my eyebrows
Cut my hair
Massage my arthritic neck

I'm working on the guilt and the "we could use the money for this instead" thinking because I am feeling pretty good. 


Maggie and Mike said...

I think that sounds like money well spent! Yes, you could use the money on other things but your happiness and inner peace is well worth the expense. Everything I read tells me self-care needs to come first. If these things help you breathe a little easier, then they are just as important as whatever else you might have spent it on...

Kate said...

This all sounds reasonable to me!

Lord, my eyebrows. I need to do something about this. Okay, that was not your point. Sorry - I digress.

Yes - what Maggie said.