Saturday, August 3, 2013

Photo a Day August 3 "skyline"

Today we took Choji to the vet and we found out that we are bad dog parents.  The vet said she is overweight and we need to cut back her food by 20%. I felt horrible and then thought if we ever have a human baby I'd probably end up with an obese baby because I "love" it so much. 

Afterwards we ran errands like dropping my ring off to replace a diamond that fell out and and stopping at a couple of bookstores to look for the memoir "Orange is the New Black."  No luck but I snapped a picture of this Lego architecture project at Barnes and Noble for today's photo prompt, "skyline."


Maggie said...

Oh don't feel bad... you love that dog to pieces!! And I think dogs being overweight is pretty common, isn't it? Just like us humans.

Kelly said...

Oh, how could you not give that girl treats with those amazing eyes?!?! She's so cute!

Kate said...

Now I'm just giggling at this idea of you having a baby and then walking around town with it saying, "I 'love' her/him." You know, always using love in air quotes when you speak of your child. Tee hee.