Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

The Fourth of July has the potential to be one of my favorite holidays but not this year. I was happy to have a day off but it's hard to want to celebrate when I have to be at work the next morning bright eyed and bushy tailed. Last night Bobby and I had a burger date at P Terry's, my favorite Austin burger joint, and then did a tad bit of shopping at The Domain. Is it still called shopping if you don't buy anything? Then I got a crappy night's sleep full of work nightmares and frequent waking with anxiety. Today we did some thrift shopping for some things for the house but no luck, then errands, and Bobby made delicious BBQ ribs. Now I'm laying in bed listening to fireworks and being bitter. At least tomorrow's Friday!   Hope you all had a wonderful 4th! (Kate, wish I could have been at your pool party!)
              Room Service Vintage
     Choji had a hard day squirrel hunting 
Below - the 50's called. They want their glasses back. 


Kate said...

Aw, I wish you could've come, too! I think our first attempt at backyard entertaining was a hit.

So, you're having work nightmares and I'm having frequent night wakings due to drowning children nightmares. A fence guy is coming on Monday to give us a quote. I hope a fence solves my issues. Now we have to figure out how to solve your issues! Probably not as simple as a fence. : (

jessica said...

Drowning children nightmares! Oh no! Horrible! A fence should help. A couple of friends here with pools also put in up high locks on the back door from the house to the pool.

My anxiety should decrease once I can get my open positions filled, including an assistant. People think people are dying for jobs out there, unfortunately not necessarily the type of job or pay rate I'm trying to fill. And I'm adamant about not offering just to fill the position. Anyway, once people are hired and trained then theoretically my stress and hatred for the world should start to drop.