Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mom's 60th Birthday Weekend

My mom visited this weekend and we got to celebrate her 60th!  It was a quick visit but we had a great time together. Some of the highlights:
I made her a cake
She loved her present, a giant Coach bag. I'm proud because she is a tough one to please. 
We ate lots of good food at: Hillside Farmacy, Perla's, P Terry's, and Trudy's. 
We shopped. 
We visited our favorite nursery, The Natural Gardener, where she stocked up on air plants. 
We spent hours buying her very first iPhone and more hours teaching her how to use it. I may have created a monster and have since received daily texts and photos. 

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Kelly said...

Happy belated 60th to your mom! So fun that she spent it with you guys!