Friday, April 5, 2013

The weather and catching up

This is probably the last week that I'll get to wear layered clothing for a very long time. I am not ready for summer clothes.

You know what else I'm not ready for? My job about to get even busier and more stressful. Can't tell you why here but yikes. Let's just say I get to wear yet another hat.

But then I think about how my brother's a cop and I have no business using the word "stressful." You know what you should never do as a sister of a cop? Watch "End of Watch." Bobby says I'm no longer allowed to watch police movies. "End of Watch" spoiler alert: I also made the rule that I can't watch dying spouses movies. Ever since I got off the pill last summer I have been way emotional and tonight I lost my shit thanks to that movie.
Seriously though, I get choked up at the drop of a hat now. Hormones are so weird. And don't get me started on the hormonal acne and why you haven't seen a ton of pictures of me lately.

Good news? Bobby cleaned the whole house and yard today! It no longer looks like a garage sale in our backyard. I can't tell you how much weight has been lifted off my shoulders thanks to this amazing act by my husband. Other good news- our latest Mortified show opens tomorrow night and goes again next Friday and Saturday. I produced two pieces and as always, feeling nervous about how the audience will react. I get to perform in a few weeks too! Mortified Austin was asked to be a part of this awesome new comedy festival called Moontower. So many amazing comedians will be in town and I get to be all "it's cool, I'm one of you and I've got an artist wristband to prove it."

So yeah, we're doing okay around here.

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Susan said...

Seeing your perform would be SO fun! But, I just clicked that link and I have a bajillion things going on that weekend....super bummer. Hope you perform again soon!!