Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Week in Instagram

Spiderhouse for one of our many Mortified meetings and rehearsals this week


Waiting for my "Daily Juice" smoothie at Spiderhouse


What happens when I ask Bobby to try out a new paint sample

From my car-Upper Crust Bakery

sign at Spiderhouse for Sideshow Tattoos

Our neighbor dog/Choji's bff

Been having closet anxiety.  Need to focus on organizing it soon.  Overwhelming!

Some prettiness amongst my closet chaos-scarves I bought in Japan at Uniqlo when they partnered with Orla Kiley

One of Choji's guilt tactics-trying to get me not to leave her in the morning

From my car.  Been at the same stoplight almost everyday for the past 12 years.

morning guilt tactics

Having fun with "mirrorgram" app

our living room with "mirrorgram"

more morning guilt

We actually got some rain this weekend.  Another one from my car-the 360 Bridge

Mirrorgram at the Antique Mall

Vintage wedding booth at the Antique Mall

Bobby painted our bedroom this weekend!  This is above our bed.  A headboard would be nice some day.

girly entrance to my closet. (Door will be replaced soon.  I need one little piece to hang in that right corner.  Actually we still need a lot of things.  But it's nice to finally have some things up on the walls in our bedroom

Mortified Rehearsal tonight.  We are going to have one dynamic group of performers for this special "Doomed Valentine's" themed show.  Pictured are Pierce, coordinating producer, and his pup Lucy.

And lunch is ready to go for dreaded Monday.

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