Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sugar Detox Day 6

Here are Some photos of experiments and challenges of my sugar detox self challenge. Seven days is what I said I'd do, and I decided I'll aim for nine. (So I can fully enjoy our staycation). I am happy I didn't say I'd do it for 21 days, but I'm up for the challenge in the future. I learned a lot in just a few days that I think will influence how I move on with living healthier and to get back to my wedding weight.

pickled okra-if this was cheating it was an accident but I'm pretty sure all the ingredients were okay.  Anyway, the spicy crunch I needed.

I'm starting to get sick of cinnamon but coffee with coconut milk and cinnamon hasn't been too bad.  Past morning coffee included a little sugar + CoffeeMate

I've done baked apples before but they included oats and a little sugar.  I can't tell you how bad I wanted to put a scoop of my sugar free vanilla ice cream currently in the freezer on top of these baked apples (with cinnamon, vanilla, and walnuts)

These were the "snacks" purchased for a work training.  I am surrounded by stuff like this all the time at work.

I had to face these adorable and I'm sure delicious goodies at Cody and Madelyn's for their daughter's 1st birthday.  Seriously, how cute is this?  Madelyn did a wonderful job with the color scheme and polka-dot theme.  (I ate carrots, celery, cheese, and turkey)

How much cuter can it get?

I made kale chips and will make them again!  Even Bobby loved them.  Next time I will use less olive oil.

This week of more time spent in the kitchen led me to Anthropologie to buy a butter dish.  I found these guys but did not buy them.  These measuring cups WILL be mine soon.

I visited Whole Foods a few times this week and this packaging always made me smile.  Now I want to try them.

My sugar free coconut cinnamon cookies didn't quite turn out...I feel like the recipe should have called for more coconut flour but I don't know.  They kinda turned out like pancakes.


Kelly said...

I'm interested in the sugar detox and actually looked into doing it this month. With Evelyn's bday, though, I thought it might not be the best month to start. Maybe February? You and Kate will have to educate me.

BTW - we LOVE kale chips as well. Yum!

Kate said...

So cute!

Great work! I'm starting my 21 days on Feb. 4th.

I have to call you to chat about all this...

I also love me some kale chips and haven't made any in a while. Gotta do that. Did you try grating parmesan cheese over the top right when they come out? Yummy.