Thursday, January 10, 2013

Photos from inside my car

(Usually while at a stop light) out of boredom/obsession with Instagram/seeking beauty in all my surroundings? Here are some from this week. It's already getting darker much later now.


Kate said...

1) You better be at a stoplight!
2) I love the first one of the birds on a wire.

Ann said...

Ha! I do this too! It's like I can't remember driving without using my stupid phone. But I try to wait for red lights, so Kate, you don't need to worry! And my vote is for #3. Love the composition.

jessica said...

Ha! Thanks, girls! Kate, one was taken while driving but I was very careful and I kept my eyes on the road, hence the crappy photo. I promise never again. The rest of my "collection" is all while stopped or as a passenger.