Friday, January 18, 2013

My week in iPhone photos

"selfie" not used for photo a day.  A third grader told me my glasses are big.  I was all, I know, Warby Parker needs to hurry up and send me my new glasses!
"Big Brown Eyes" and a collar red...Old 97's anyone?

Pretty much failing at Apartment Therapy's January Cure but I did buy my weekly flowers tonight!  Carnations get a bad rap.  $4 and I get a week's worth of freshness, color and prettiness!

Working on Apartment Therapy January Cure bedroom cleaning and organization.  Our new comforter came in today.  Duvet covers are smarter than I am.

Today I wore both necklaces that Bobby has given  me as gifts-the horse from our 6 month anniversary and the envelope from my most recent birthday.

Our neighbor dog hangs out with us every night.  Poor guy.

These made my week...our pre-K kids dictated recipes to their teacher.  I may post more this weekend but this one's my favorite.

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