Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas in Missouri 2012 (catching up)

This was the first year I had been back home for Christmas in years and Bobby's first wintertime Missouri visit. The drive was long but we had a wonderful week. I promised myself never to go this long without seeing my family again. I has not seen my parents since our wedding which was over a year ago. Now for a bunch of instagram photos.

Choji's holiday sweater from my secret santa

Choji's first road trip begins and she's over it

Family photo in Kansas

The Plaza in Kansas City

My 90 pound dog nephew, Brut, ended up being incredibly sweet to Choji

We had so much fun driving around looking at Christmas lights in KC with my brother and his girlfriend.

The Magic Tree in Columbia has moved which is weird, but still magical. 

Winter clothes made it feel more like Christmas!  (Waiting for my dad while he makes "just a quick stop" at the bike shop)

My mom said I looked "homeless" several times on this trip.  Sweat pants and Uggs are perfectly fine when it's cold, you're at home and sick!  But the other mom "highlight":  creepy toys in our stockings.  She was very proud.

feijoada!  Can't believe my brother's gf wouldn't even try it!

Rock Bridge State Park with my dad!  Bobby couldn't get over the cold and how he "couldn't feel his face."  I thought the cold and clean air was amazing.

We saw "Silver Linings Playbook" at Ragtag

Choji's other new holiday sweater

Lunch with my flower girl at the new Shakespeare's!  She taught me all about the Barbie Fashionista app.  We are two peas in a pod.

Girls' night with Kelly!  We had a lovely Japanese dinner.

Day trip to Saint Louis to see Julianne, Mary, and the newest pup, Jojo!

freezing but still determined to try Ted Drewes

Julianne and me outside Vintage Vinyl in StL.  Bobby did all of the shopping on this trip.

This is what Bobby looks like in heaven/Euclid Records in STL.

a gift from Auntie Julianne!

Obligatory/Amazing/Delicious birthday lunch at Booche's

my birthday lunch at Booche's

Mom finally taught me how to make Brazilian cookies and Choji helped

a fox in the snow

driving through Lake of the Ozarks on the way home.  Taking pictures to make the time fly.

photos from the car


birthday dinner with the parents at Sophia's.  Still thinking about that food...scallops, beef, pasta, heaven.

We walked around downtown. (Walnut St.)

frozen over at Rock Bridge State Park (another novelty to Bobby)  Bobby and my dad had to make me nervous by standing on the ice.

dusting in Rock Bridge State Park

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