Saturday, January 5, 2013

Apartment Therapy January Cure Outbox

I started my outbox for the January Cure. It's the place things go that currently don't have a home that will soon be donated, tossed, or put away. I posted this question on Apartment Therapy: I currently have some special/favorite Christmas cards in my outbox that I know I don't need to hang on to but think I might enjoy looking at again. Any suggestions on what to do with them? File? Create a display for them for future Christmases? (How?)


Kate said...

I have heard of people putting them in an album that they then set out (like a coffee table book) each Christmas season.

Or if you really want to toss the physical object, then you could take photos of them and save them on your computer or Flickr so that if you ever change your mind about wanting to see them again, technically you still can.

We have an outbox that lives in our clothes closet at all times. I LOVE IT. It is the perfect halfway house for clothes going to goodwill, or toys, etc. Especially for stuff of the kids, because then if I've put it there and no one notices for a few weeks (or months), then I know it's probably okay to go ahead and donate it.

It is so handy to have an outbox for those times when you walk through a room in your house and spy something that you just don't need or want anymore -- you don't have to remember it the next time you're having a sale or donating, because you've already tossed it in the box. And when the box is full, then I make another trip to the Salvation Army. (Why am I saying this all to you? Duh. You already have your box set up!)

katandkarl said...

Ok - totally obsessed with saving my christmas cards AND this year I've decided to (somehow) go the make-it- look-like-a-book route and stick it on my bookshelf.

I have no idea if this will work or not.

Like this: