Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Apartment Therapy January Cure Day 1 Assignment

Thank you Kate for alerting me to this!  Lord knows I need it!  Today is Day 1 of getting our house in order.  Here's the assignment from Apartment Therapy:

Today's Assignment:
• Make a list of projects
Walk through your home and make notes on any trouble spots organized by room. You'll want sections in your notes for the entryway, living room, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. Start at the front door and do a thorough walkthrough, noting each area or item that needs a good cleaning, a de-cluttering or a re-organization.
Resist the temptation to dive in and start cleaning or moving things around - stay on task to just observe and make note of any problems you see that you would like to improve.
Dingy shower curtain in bathroom
Overflowing food storage container cabinet in the kitchen
Big stack of magazines by the bed
Dusty, jumbled bookshelves in the living room
Blown out bulb in entryway
When your tour is complete, grab a highlighter and select a few (3 - 5 is ideal) key sections from each room that you plan to focus on - the spots that will make the biggest impact on the look and use of the room as a whole when they are improved.
Now, write up your projects list, room by room, featuring the highlighted sections (remember, just 3 -5 per room, maximum) from your observation notes as the main bullet points.
Launder shower curtain
Edit food storage containers to those I acutally use at least once a week
Donate or recycle magazines
Dust and straighten shelves
Replace lightbulb in overhead fixture
Stay calm, just observe and make your list. We'll have plenty of time to focus on the "doing" later and - don't worry - the intention is not for everything on your list to be completed this month. You are really just assessing your home in full right now, creating a master plan of goals, both short and long term, to work on over the coming year. The big picture behind this assignment is that locating trouble spots and setting goals is half the battle and you'll have this major first step completed and under your belt before you go to bed tonight!

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Kate said...

uh oh! you're really following through? I guess that means I have to, too!

Thanks for the Fat Mum Slim invitation. If you do it again in Feb., maybe I can join you. I think I have too much "new" January stuff to keep up with, and 2012 blogging to catch up on! (Promises, promises...we'll see if I ever do catch up.)

Okay, I'm off to make my project list now!