Sunday, December 9, 2012

My week in photos/photo a day: the b sides

Some coworkers and I went down the street to try the Round Rock Food Trailer Park and we all had the "Pig Pin" from Curly's.  It's so refreshing to have something new and fun (and I hate to say it but "Austin-like") up in Round Rock.

Funniest thing said to me by a 4 year old boy this week:  "I didn't realize you had those shoes."  It cracks me up when young children use such grown-up words like, "realize."

Our neighbor dog, Journey, comes over to visit every night and he's getting a little too comfortable at our place.

Did you know that TJ Maxx has fantastic craft supplies?  I didn't buy it, but I fell in love with this ribbon.

Guilty of taking over 10 cough drops while we were out and hid them like Easter Eggs primarily in our bed, under the couch, and in the guest bed.  My favorite placement:  on top of one of the guest bed pillows.  We've been finding new ones daily.

the color version of December photo a day: someone I love in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

"The Pig Pin"

My favorite cupcake trailer now in Round Rock!

Waiting for lunch at the trailer park.

my coworkers are patient with my panoramic attempts.

Round Rock Food Trailer Park

Photo a Day B&W backup-checking out our Tokyo map, daydreaming again.

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