Sunday, November 25, 2012

Panoramic poker night

We had a few friends over to play poker last night. I was determined to get a good panoramic shot of all of us but they all ended up being "out takes." P.S. Bobby won. P.P.S. that's an e-cigarette in his mouth. He hasn't had a real one in 3 months! That's big time around here.


Kate said...

What is an e cigarette? I have seen them at Walgreens but have no clue.

and...I did not even know that Bobby was a smoker. How did I miss this?

but yea Bobby - that's hard!

jessica said...

An e cigarette is an electronic cigarette. You basically are smoking vapor. It reminds me of smoking a hookah.

Bobby tried many different ways of quitting (hard for me, a non-smoker to understand why you can't just quit cold turkey) and the e cig has been the most successful. He tried quitting in general, medication, gum, etc. but always went back to smoking.

It's been a very big "issue" in our relationship for a variety of reasons but #1 because of his health and me losing my grandmother to lung cancer. I am so proud of him for quitting but at the same time have struggled being super supportive and understanding because I don't understand addiction. Anyway, he is much happier being off real cigarettes and even influenced one of my coworkers to try it out and he has now quit too. Next "issue" is getting him to use the e cig less. My issue, not his.