Friday, November 30, 2012

Next Time We Go To Japan...

I think Bobby and I have talked about our trip to Japan every day since we returned in April. We loved Tokyo so much and want to return soon so here is a note to ourselves about what we learned and would do differently (or the same) next time...

  • Research restaurants and food:  We spent too much time trying to figure out where to eat without a clue on empty stomachs.  We thought it would be easier.   We had some good food but we could have done a much better job in this area.
  • Stay in the same hotel, Hotel Sunroute Shinjuku, and make our morning Starbucks stop at the start of our day.  
  • Pack lighter but pack nicer clothes.  We felt like slobs amongst the well dressed Tokyoites.
  •  Visit Harajuku on a week day and explore more.
  • Have a picnic in Yoyogi Park.  We spent some time there but should have hung out longer.
  • Buy less 100 Yen Store crap unless we truly love it.
  • Pay more to travel business class.  Attempt to travel Singapore Airlines. 
  • Figure out how to battle the whole jet lag thing better.
  • Take more photos of the people on the street.  I could not get over how beautiful and well dressed everyone was.
  • Take more video.
  • Take a few days to take it easy early in the day so we have enough energy to check out more night life.
  • See a band.
  • Make sure Bobby buys clothes or shoes.
  • Buy more music.
  • Buy a nice piece of art or souvenir for our home.
  • Learn more Japanese.
  • Ride the train more.
  • Ride the subway.
  • Check out more of blogger, Hello Sandwich's, recommendations.
  • Keep a travel journal or daily blog post of where we went.
  • Go to a flea market.
  • Go to a vintage/thrift store.
  • Check out Omotesando.
  • Go to my favorite park again, Shinjuku Gardens.
  • Explore more of Shibuya.

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