Saturday, August 4, 2012

Another Girl Trip Idea

We stayed at a place called The Gruene Mansion Inn for our last work retreat.  I think it would be a cute spot for one of our future girl trips.  We need lots of ideas since I plan on doing these until we are little old ladies.  Texas themed rooms, porches with rocking chairs overlooking the river, tubing, the oldest dance hall in Texas, antiques, and wine tasting.  I call dibs on this bed since I gave it up to my coworker because I'm so kind.

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Kelly said...

Oh, sounds fun. I'm in!

Speaking of girl trips - we need to start talking about our 40th birthday trip. I know we have YEARS before we will all be <> 40, but we should totally do something big, and spouses/kids should join us! Kate actually planted the seed in my head, and I know Maggie is in. The 5 of us need to start discussing!