Saturday, July 14, 2012


I have brief moments of being 36 where I'm like wait, a 36 year old shouldn't be wearing this!  Not like going to the club or slutty shouldn't be wearing this but maybe stuck thinking I'm late 20's-33 shouldn't be wearing this.
But most of the time I follow the "if I like it and feel comfortable in it then screw it" rule. I do also keep in mind what's work appropriate.  Yesterday, however,I had one of the paranoid I'm not dressing my age moments.
Person at work (I don't know why but feel I should share that it was a male): "Aww, you look cute today"...(then in a quieter voice and weakening smile), "but you look like a little girl."
Me: "Thanks?"
That's it. I'm only shopping at Chico's from now on.


Susan said...

We're going to need a visual on this one. Can you put the outfit back on and have Bobby take a pic?! Please!

jessica said...

I'll take one when I wear it again but I wore dark jeans, Toms, and a baseball style shirt with my work logo on it. Nothing crazy.