Sunday, July 15, 2012

Add Playground Designer to my Resume

Sometimes there are fun projects I get to do for work like my current one:  revamping a small preschool playground for kids ages 18 months to five.  My goal is to make it less prison yard looking.  I'm also looking at it as an "outdoor classroom," so including things like gross motor, art, science, dramatic play, etc.  There are a few plans and ideas (and of course Pinterest boards) in the works but I want to hear from you, America (i.e. the four of you who keep up with my blog). 

What would be on your (and your kids') wish list for a preschool outdoor space?


Susan said...

I think this calls for some company sponsored exploratory trips. Get them to send you to NYC and check out the Queens Science Museum playground. Or at least read about it - I've heard good things. Not sure about the age-range though.

Susan said...

On a side note, just make sure it resembles none of these :

jessica said...

The scary playgrounds are creepy...and look a lot like our old Fairview playground.