Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hard at Pin

Daydreaming about home decor and organization on Pinterest while working on making this whole home/town home/condo owning thing happen. Doing my best to stay positive and wondering wtf everyone does for a living in Austin that allows them to afford a down payment and mortgage in this crazy growing town. But no regrets. We knew choosing to go to Japan would dig into our little nest egg but I don't regret it for a minute. What is meant to happen will happen.


Kate said...

in austin, does townhome mean lots of stairs like it does in chicago? and not much light b/c half your house is connected to your neighbor? if so, then I would vote against townhome, but that's just my two cents.

especially if "what is meant to happen" turns out to be a little Leath bambino.

but to each his own. good luck!

jessica said...

Townhouse means sharing a wall but having more of a "mini yard" and sometimes a garage than you would with a condo. Good light is on my list of things I need in a home. Some of the places we've looked at are very bright, others not so much. And stairs, it varies. I prefer one story or main level entry. A house is still our #1 wish but with location taking a lead in what's important to us, the home choices in our budget are very limited. Regarding possible idea if that will happen so we are keeping both in mind when looking for a new place-can we live here with a kid? Are we okay living here without a kid? Good stress about the unknown, right?