Thursday, May 24, 2012

One Year Ago this Weekend

Friday:  I was bawling my eyes out thanks to a stressful work situation and then freaking out because the next morning Bobby and I were taking our engagement photos.  I tried every remedy in the book for puffy eyes including a cold pack and hemorrhoid cream.

Saturday:  Bobby and I had a fun time getting our picture taken by our photographer, Katherine O'Brien.

at Hey Cupcake!

at Uptown Modern

at home with our late sweet Kwyjibo who could no longer walk at this time.  Our living room looks completely different today.  The Ikea couch made a young college craigslist shopper very happy.  I would be too for $20!   The walls are covered with framed posters and we no longer have that coffee table or rug.  Oh yeah, and that couple is now 7 months married.

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