Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Fear of Pregnancy

I admit, I think I fear being pregnant more than I fear raising a baby.  But dude, if pregnancy is like this photo...sign me up!

super cute blogger from Rockstar Diaries blog


Sara Struckman said...

I follow this blog too. She is ridiculously cute - pregnant, not pregnant, dressed up, in jams. I have to prep myself before visiting the blog that it's OK not to be cute... It's OK not to be cute.

Kate said...

I had 3 great pregnancies, but none were at all like that picture.

Try not to fear the pregnancy, though. It is, after all, a temporary condition. Motherhood is FOREVER. (Ha ha. Not trying to scare you. Just playing around.)

Seriously, though, I got very lucky overall with very few symptoms except that parts of preg #3 were miserable due to itching. Most women have something legit (if not more) to complain about along the way, and most are dying to be unpregnant by the end of it. I feel fortunate that I never got to that "GET THIS BABY OUT OF ME!" stage despite going past my due date. In that respect, I think some of it is mental. Maybe if you go into it with low expectations you'll be pleasantly surprised???

I don't know. Your bod has not been kind to you in recent years, so maybe it will give you a break in pregnancy? Or maybe it will give you hell? Let's find out!

jessica said...

Sara-you are hot!

Kate-If we end up trying I will have to work on the mental part for sure. I'm also keeping in mind that even getting pregnant with my age and health conditions would be a miracle so the whole being pregnant thing would be pretty awesome :)