Thursday, March 15, 2012

Usually this time of year...

 Usually this time of year I'd be posting pictures of bands from SXSW.  Instead I'm posting pictures of my dog...because we are going to Japan next week!  No wristband for me this year and I'm totally fine with that.  Bobby gets a SXSW badge through work so he is currently waiting for Bruce Springsteen to take the Moody stage.  Pretty awesome!

Life is good. 

I'm finally recovering from a nasty sinus infection. 

I have a sweet husband who thinks he sounds like Robert Plant. 

I love my physical therapist.  His enthusiasm is incredible.  I brought him an x-ray of my arm and he responded with, "Kick ass!"  I still have loads of wrist and elbow (both elbows) pain but there has been major neck pain/reduction of  headaches progress made.  I was thinking of everything I've done to work on this whole mess (combo of nerve pain, arthritis, and tennis elbow going on):  occupational therapy, physical therapy, stretching, ultrasound, needling-,has done wonders on my neck, cortisone shots in BOTH elbows (I literally almost passed out), drugs, massage, and on and on.  Patience my friend.  Patience.

I'm excited about my change of position at work!!! Sure, I'm still doing my "old" job plus starting the new one, but the fact that I am going to be challenged in a new way and fingers crossed, have a decrease in stress level, just is so refreshing and motivating.

My dog is trouble but not really and she is fun!

I get random compliments on my new car, a white Nissan Juke.  Seriously, it's weird but fun.  From a woman in the car next to me say, "That is the cutest thing I've ever seen!" like I was driving a puppy to the 711 employee who had her coworkers look out the window to see it.  It's fun to drive and sweet to have my very first brand new car.

And finally, even though I haven't quite grasped that this is real, I get to go to Japan next week!  Honeymoon in Tokyo and then in-law visit in Okinawa.

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