Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vacation Reading

Going to listen to the audio book version of this. I'm bad about letting overexposure spoil things for me and that's how I feel about Tina Fey, but a few friends have recommended this book so I want to give it a chance.

Just seems like something I need right now as my job has kind of made that whole happiness thing more challenging over the past year.

Bobby gave me this for my birthday!
Three weeks and three days until we take that 14 hour flight to Tokyo!  Holy shit.  I have a lot to do...but I think I have the book situation figured out.  An iPad or Kindle would be perfect for all the magazines I'd like to read.

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Kate said...

Don't let overexposure ruin her for you. She's still smart, funny and talented! I really liked Bossypants, although I think if you are not a fan of 30Rock that you will not care much about the last 1/3 of the book.

Didn't realize you hadn't read the Happiness Project yet, but I bet you'll really like that one, too. I am not someone who re-reads books ever, but that is one that I sometimes feel like I need a "tune-up" on - like I should probably re-read it.

Haven't read Kaling's book, but she's great, so I hope it's good!

I picked up "Cool, Calm, and Contentious" but haven't started it yet. I'm also wanting to read this thing called "The End of Illness" by some author I saw interviewed on the Daily Show. Just in case you need another suggestion.