Monday, May 19, 2008

Negotiations Conclude

Update to the apartment lease renewal negotiations. If you remember, I originally talked my apartment down to increasing my rent on a 12 month lease to $50 a month. After writing a letter they said I could sign a 6 month lease for a $25 increase per month. Today I talked them into letting me sign a 12 month lease with a $35 a month increase (because I didn't want to take the risk on them raising my rent another $50 after the first 6 months were up). So like I've wanted all along, I get to stay in my apartment! Local friends you won't be asked to help me move for at least another year. Lucky you. I guess I should clean out my closet now that I'm going to be there a while longer and can't use, "but I'm going to move," as an excuse not to clean.

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