Thursday, April 17, 2008


Some old songs popped up on my iPod today by Mazzy Star, Uncle Tupelo, Johnny Cash, and Guided by Voices. Those songs have made me nostalgic for old friends, memories, good times, and more. I miss...
  • Being friends with certain people like Joe and Darren. I had such good times with those guys.
  • Having Julianne as a roommate. Julianne now lives in St. Louis. That girl is mad funny and she'd go to shows with me like perhaps the Son Volt show I'd really like to check out tonight. Makes me kind of sad not having a good show going buddy.
  • Dorm friends that I haven't done a good job of keeping up with like Becki and Liz.
  • Sunday dinners at my parents' house.
  • Shakespeare's Pizza

Lately I just feel sort of "behind" all of my close friends when it comes to life and I'd like to catch up. I think that's also part of my current feeling of nostalgia...thinking about myself before I was behind in life.

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