Friday, April 4, 2008

I am grateful

This has been a rough week for a variety of reasons. I cried (a few times) yesterday for the first time in quite a while. Just a combination of work stress, personal stress, and financial stress finally coming out. A few things happened that reminded me once again how grateful I am for my friends.

1. Got a call from Kewpie Girl Kelly because she had been thinking about me and some of my situations. Knowing someone cares and thinks about me always makes me feel good. Thanks Kelly.
2. Got a call from Tobi when I got home from work to invite me to join her, Cody, and Madelyn at Billy's for some burgers. Our friend Don joined us as well. Being around friends, laughing, and hanging out on a patio is exactly what I needed! I hadn't seen Don with his new mustache. He had grown a full beard and then for fun decided to shave and leave a big ol' Doc Holiday type of mustache. As soon as he walked in the door Cody hollered across the bar, "You look like Chef Boyarde!" Hilarious because it was true.
3. This morning I received the following text message from my friend Chris who works at a post-production studio (for commercials, films, etc.) "How many copies of Collective Soul Live at Stubbs should I make for you? One for the living room, bedroom, iPod, one for the car and a spare just in case?" Totally made my Friday morning by putting a smile on my face.

So hip, hip, hooray for friends helping you get through the rough spots!

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Swampy said...

This may be insensitive, but I'm amazed that someone who always makes me laugh and smile can have bad days. I guess I just imagine your life is one big episode of Love Boat.