Friday, April 25, 2008

The Bachelor: London Calling Episode Six

Way to throw your daughter under the bus, Lorenzo Lamas! Papa Lamas told the Bachelor that he thinks his daughter Shayne chose to do The Bachelor to be on TV, not to fall in love. Shayne stabbed her B-list celebrity dad with her eyes.

Seriously though, how many girls go on The Bachelor just to fall in love? Don't they all want to be on TV? No "normal" girl in my opinion would want to be on The Bachelor just to meet a man. Let's be real people. They all want to be on TV.

And Best Hilarious Plastic Surgery/Tattooed Make-up Award goes to Shayne's mom this week! Congratulations and keep up the tanning!

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Swampy said...

Isn't the whole point of reality tv to be on TV. Maybe except for the people on The Biggest Loser since there is a positive end-result to almost everyone who goes on the show.