Sunday, March 9, 2008

Weekend Update

Friday Friday night I went to the Blanton Museum for their monthly B Scene party. These parties happen the first Friday of every month but this was my first one as well as my first visit to the Blanton! Great people watching, beer drinking, snacks, super cool girl DJ Honeycomb, raffle prizes, interesting exhibits, and girl group, The Carrots. This month's theme was "Art is Feminine." The B Scene party was a very fun way to check out a museum.

It reminded me of when I was in Pittsburgh a few years ago for a conference and visited the Andy Warhol museum. My boss at the time and I went during happy hour. We drank beer while admiring Warhol's work as well as decorated shoes that had been spray painted in white canvas because designing shoes was one of Warhol's first jobs.

After leaving the museum with a red rose...a nice touch for all the ladies, my new friend and I hit up Barfly's-another first for me. I had heard about this bar for a long time and finally got the chance to check it out. It's somewhat of a hole in the wall bar so of course I liked it. I was very impressed by the Tetris arcade game!

Saturday Madelyn invited me for a girly afternoon of lunch and shopping. We ate at my little neighborhood bakery, The San Francisco Bakery and then headed up to Round Rock to the Outlet Mall. Madelyn was looking for work clothes and I went to keep her company. Later I went to Tobi's house to join Cody, Madelyn, Angela, and Tobi's friend Denise in stuffing packets for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. This took us no time at all to do, but Tobi was still so gracious enough to cook us a wonderful dinner of chicken and rice, a yummy tomato and mozzarella salad, and my favorite, a crescent roll with Havarti cheese and ham inside. I can't stop thinking about them! We also of course had band practice (aka Rock Band). Cody and I were pretty excited about the new songs. My new favorite Rock Band song is Weezer's "Scorcho."

I couldn't stay long at "band practice" because I was off to meet Veronica, Mitzi, and her friend Chris. We met some of Chris' friends at a new bar downtown called Black and Tan. I was not a fan. We made up for the crummy bar by finishing the evening at Mugshots-a more "homey" bar with a photo booth (my favorite), and pool. Overall a very fun night! By the way, I've come up with a fun party idea. A guy I know mentioned that he wants to put together a photo booth pub crawl because there are so many cool bars around town with photo booths. After going to the bar Mugshots last night I thought it'd be the perfect place for a theme party where everyone dresses up as their favorite celebrity mug shot. I'm thinking I'd be Nicole Ritchie.

Sunday Yes, we lost an hour, but I cannot tell you how excited I am that it's Day Light Savings Time! It gives me so much more energy which in turn makes me a happy girl-especially when I ride my bike after work. Today was a much needed lazy day of laundry, watching Mystery Science Theater Shorts (Thanks Cody!), making cards (I sold "Kewpie Hug" to a woman in England and needed to make more to take down to Parts & Labour in time for South by Southwest because I know Elijah Wood is going to want to buy one!), updating my ipod, and catching up on my March issue of Dwell.

For those of you outside of Austin...South by Southwest has begun-music portion begins Monday so this week the city is full of visitors, musicians, and celebrities! I did not purchase a wristband to get into shows, but plan on hitting up some of the free parties/shows around town including Spoon Thursday night at Auditorium Shores. I can't wait! I'm also taking off work on Friday to go to as many day parties as I can. I miss not having a wristband, but it should still be a fun week!

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Cody said...

Dang.... The only day I wasn't mentioned was Friday... but I did get a "shout out" on the Marina Towers. Holla! Your blog is more well written and funnier then mine... I'm envious.