Monday, March 3, 2008

The Perfect Weekend

Cody and the difficult kite

Bluebonnet and Rocky

PG the Blue Healer Pup

I realized that I just about had the perfect weekend. It made it easier getting to work early today-before 8:00 AM! That's huge for me as I normally don't get in until 9:30 AM.

Cody and Madelyn's Dragon Kite
Me loving the day

First a quick health update-So I'd been sick for over a month. Last week my throat and ear were killing me-didn't feel sick, just had a lot of pain. I went to the doctor and he prescribed an anti-inflammatory or steroid to see if that would help before sending me to an ear nose and throat doc to stick a camera down my nose. No thank you! He did say my eardrum is healing like it should, but I do still have trouble hearing. The medicine seems to be working because I am feeling so much better-Thank God!

So the weekend recap...

Friday-Went to dinner at a cool Mexican restaurant on quirky South 1st Street called Polvos with a great group of peeps-Cody, Madelyn, Angela, and Camron. Props to Codelyn (Cody and Madelyn's celebrity couple name) for organizing! Perfect send-off dinner for Camron's hair. Camron has been growing out his hair for quite some time. It's really curly and reaches his shoulders. Saturday he had it chopped off, leaving only a huge mohawk for our costume party Thursday night (I'll write about that later), and donated the rest.

Saturday-Gorgeous weather. Perfect day to go with Mitzi's sister, Veronica, to Mitzi and Shayna's flag football tournament in Del Valle, TX. My first time in Del Valle. Mitzi had a pretty sweet interception AND touchdown. Veronica and I sat in the sunny 80 something degree weather, watched the game, and played with the sweetest Blue Healer puppy named PG (Professor Gadget). I even got some sun.

Later I went to see Michel Gondry's new film, "Be Kind Rewind." I had been wanting to see it after going to one of the screenings of the Rewind Kindly short films at the Alamo. I was surprised that it wasn't as complicated or bizarre as his other films, but more of just a sweet story. The night capped off with me playing Wii for the very first time. I tried bowling, golf, and tennis. Wii skills are just not in my genes I found out today after talking to my mom. She played Wii even before me and said she had some trouble with it. It was fun none the less, especially creating my own mini Mii character.

Sunday-I had lunch on the patio of Billy's in my neighborhood with Tobi and her dog Bluebonnet, Angela, Cody and Madelyn and their new puppy Rocky. Awesome burger and fries! We then headed down south towards the Green Belt and hiked to Zilker Park for the annual Kite Festival. This was my first time. It was crazy! I've never seen so many kites in my life. Cody brought two so we got to join in on the fun. I was afraid I was going to get clotheslined and end up with a slit throat. Thankfully only my ankle was clotheslined. Kite strings really should be more obvious! As crowded and crazy as it was it was actually relaxing hanging out outside on a windy day and watching the sky full of kites. We then hiked back and finished off a great Sunday afternoon with milkshakes from Mighty Fine. They are naughty-made with vanilla Blue Bell ice cream. Amazing.
Later I met up with Mitzi, Veronica, and their friend Nell at Crown and Anchor for a beer. So basically I had a milkshake and beer for dinner last night. Fantastic. Made it to bed by 9:45 and fell asleep watching one of my favorite movies, "Stranger Than Fiction" with Will Ferrel. A wonderful weekend all in all!
P.S. I cannot figure out how to manipulate the photos on this site-how to put them where I want them! Help!

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Tobes said...

Oh, I just love Stranger Than Fiction. I like your blog entry for the past weekend the best, you had a better weekend than I did!