Monday, March 10, 2008

more craftiness

silly paintings I painted

a dresser I found in the trash and painted and put on new knobs

me and my kewpie print


fnp cook said...

the two paintings at the top... how much would you sell one of those or a commissioned one for? I'd like to put one up in my cube and make it feel less... less... GRAY

PearlGirl said...

@fnp... i dind't know you were into those kind of things. i would think that would be more of tobi's thing... good thing she doesn't sign in under your account and post things.

PearlGirl said...

but for jessica.... i love your paintings!!! Love! Love! Love!
you should do more and put them on etsy. i would them!

Swampy said...

Sorry, that really was me... I guess Kris was still signed into gmail... oopsie. I'm actually the one that wants the paintings.

jessica said...

I love comments on my blog! When I thought it was Kris I was going to direct his grey complaint to complaints from a cubicle. Tobi-I guarantee you could make your own even better painting-mine is crap. We could go to Hobby Lobby and buy canvases and paint!

pearlgirl-thank you for the kind words!

Swampy said...

What kind of paint do you use? You'll have to walk me through everything.