Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I am grateful

Madelyn and Cody in the crazy parking garage elevator...the walls look like water.

and the floor looks like grass

me questioning, "What is the deal with this elevator?"

I am grateful to have friends who share my silly/weird/bizarre sense of humor. Tonight Cody and Madelyn made me realize just how grateful I am for this. We went to Trivia Night as we do most Wednesdays and rode in the parking garage elevator as we have on a few occasions. It is the strangest elevator I have been in. The walls look like water and the floor looks like grass. We always laugh and comment on how bizarre it is so tonight I tried to capture it with some pictures.

Then, while waiting for our score at Trivia (we got third place for the second week in a row) I requested their help in naming some of my inanimate objects that I sometimes talk to as though they are human. My car has been named for a while...Black Libby. She was just Libby until a co-worker bought a white Jeep Liberty. My laptop immediately was named Lappy after I purchased him. But my TV, cell phone, and iPod have gone nameless for a while. Thanks to Madelyn's help, my television that I got for high school graduation is now named "Stevie The TV." This after I explained that I talked to my TV the other night after Cody moved it into my bedroom. I told it that it had been a while since we shared a bedroom (since college). Cody asked me if it was a boy or girl to which I replied he/she is pretty much asexual. Stevie can be for a boy or girl and sounds good with TV so there you go. My pink cell phone is now named "Jermajesty...The Phone," after Jermaine Jackson's kid. And my blue iPod nano is now named "Nancy Blue." Thank Cody for that one. Seriously, I realize how ridiculous this all sounds, but I had tears rolling down my cheeks as we tried to name these items.

If you all have have any questions you can reach me on Lappy or Jermajesty...The Phone.


m said...

Hooray for talking to (and naming) inanimate objects!

PearlGirl said...


C said...

What am I doing with my hands in that picture?!?!

We're the ones that our grateful! We have friends!

Kate said...

Jessica, this was a sweet post.

But I am starting to worry about you -- do you realize that you seem to have an inordinate number of pictures of yourself on this blog where it looks like you might be being held at gun point? Everything ok?

You just call me on Jermajesty...The Phone if you ever need help. Phony McRingRing (that's our home phone's name) is standing by.

C said...

My new goal is to get some sort of mention in every single one of your blogs. Even if you just randomly place the name "Cody" somewhere in the text I'll be happy!