Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dorky Giddy Sleepy

I am all of these things right now because of conversation below and because of giant Chuy's beef fajita taco salad beans instead of guacamole with creamy jalapeno dressing lunch. Oh, and work paid for lunch which makes it taste even better. Are they just fattening me up for the slaughter? (Old 97's reference here.)

New friend: Hey, are you working on Thursday?
Me: Yeah, unfortunately only took off Friday for SXSW.
New friend: Oh, because I can get you a pass to the invitation only party Thursday afternoon where the Old 97's are playing.
Me: quickly texting boss to beg for day off.


Kate said...

man, if you say the words "creamy" and "jalapeno" together in the same sentence 1 more time, I'm going to have to get on the next plane down there. Ooooh!

and watch that Old 97s calendar for me....I've still never seen 'em, and I know they're hard to catch nowadays. : (

Have fun have fun!

Swampy said...

I could kick you really hard in the stomach on Thursday morning to give you a reason to leave early. Nah, that won't work it would ruin the rest of the day for you. Well, if I can help you out in anyway... oh I smell bread. Later.