Monday, March 24, 2008

Cranky Pants

I must have put on my cranky pants this morning because I am in a sour mood. It all started with being out of coffee this morning. I now have a headache, am very cranky, getting frustrated with staff, extremely stressed over taxes/money, have a lot to do at work but don't want to do it and so on.

I try my best to stay positive and count my blessings but I guess it's natural to sometimes be in a bad mood even though you know things could be worse. Just in case it might help get me out of this crummy mood, here are some highlights of the weekend...

Went to Red House Lounge for the first time since last summer or fall. I love that place so much. Got a pizza and it was delicious. Even more delicious when you find out it's half price between 5 and 7. Really hope the weather cooperates this coming weekend so Kelly and I can drop by Red House.

Got to play some Rock Band.

Tried Taco Shack for the first time with Cody and Madelyn and liked it. Especially liked the fact that it's not too far from my apartment and they have outdoor seating.

Had tamales at Geuro's, one of my favorite meals, then hung out at the outside Guero's bar with Mitzi, Veronica, and Shayna. It reminded me once again why I love Austin...sitting under the gorgeous trees, listening to a live band and watching all the people and families dance and have a great time.

Easter lunch with Cody and Madelyn at Hut's Burgers. Borrowed a few movies from them and watched "Thank You For Smoking" last night. Excellent film!

Okay, so I'm still cranky, despite thinking about the positives, but I'm sure it will pass when I leave work tonight.


C said...

I'm glad you liked Thank You for Smoking.... it's one of my favorites. I bet it was fun to watch on your new giant TV!

jessica said...

Yes-new giant TV is awesome, bigger than my couch, but awesome. Thank you Cody and Madelyn for trusting me with it. I'm guarding it with my life.

C said...

Really, you don't have to. If it breaks I won't care at all.

Baconator said...

"Thank you for smoking" made me want to be a lobbyist.

Swampy said...

Thank you for smoking made me want to smoke.