Tuesday, February 26, 2008


March is approaching. A month which contains some significant dates for me.

March 7 would have been Nanny's 80th birthday. That certainly was not her mental age! For those of you that met her or have heard me tell stories about her I think you understand. Let's just say she was still visiting the tanning bed in her last year. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of her, have something I want to share with her, or think of something I'd love to ask her...like, "What do you think about Hillary and Barack?" "Who do you think is going to win Project Runway?" "Which American Idol did you vote for?" "What movies do I need to watch?" Nanny always gave me "movie assignments" and I always tried my best to complete them. Last year it was to watch "Capote."

My great-grandmother, "Dodo" (nickname for Dorothy), Nanny's mother, sent Nanny yellow roses on every one of her birthdays. Dodo passed away when I was in the 7th grade. This is when I decided that we needed to keep up this tradition. Since then my family and I sent Nanny yellow roses every year. When Nanny died this summer one of my jobs was to pick out her flower arrangement. I chose to incorporate six yellow roses, one for each grandchild. I have decided that I will buy myself yellow roses on March 7th, in honor of Nanny.

This was also the date that I began dating Nate. This would have been the 2 year date.

March 19 Anna Madge was born to one of my best friends, Maggie and husband Mike. So exciting! This meant a new generation for the "Kewpie Girls." I can't believe Anna will be one in just a couple of weeks!

March 20-something, 4th maybe? will mark my one year "break-up-versiry" with Nate. I cannot believe it's already almost an entire year. The best part that has come out of all the hurt and tough times is the group of new friends I have made by opening myself up, stepping out of my comfort zone, and creating the life I want-full of funny, sweet, and smart friends.

March might kind of be another "New Year's" celebration for me...celebrating new friends, the family I'm so lucky to have, and happy me.

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