Monday, February 25, 2008

It's gettin' hot in herrre

I'm listening to Fresh Air, Terry Gross is one of my heroes, and just heard that it's currently 91 degrees in Austin! Yikes, it's February people! It was in the 80's this weekend and yes I rode my bike and yes hung out and drank on patios on three separate occasions, but, it's too hot! I don't miss the painful winters of the Midwest, I'm throwin' up my Midwest gang signs right now, but come on Austin, at least some long sleeves weather!


Cody said...

I love the weather. I haven't been away from utah long enough to miss the winters yet. I'm putting on shorts when I get home! Shorts in Feb! Holla

Tobes said...

If this weather was a person, I'd shoot it in the neck with my pellet rifle. I do not agree with Cody. He is so wrong. This weather can just go ahead and suck it.

Kate said...