Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hippo Mania

I love this sign, especially the expression on the cow's face.

When Hutto Hippo Attacks!

Funny coworker Brian and me on the Hutto Hippo

Zach and Brian

There's a small town east of Round Rock called Hutto. My place of employment provides services in this town. After an afternoon of providing my "expertise" in environmental layout for afterschool programs, some coworkers and I hit up a cute local restaurant called the Texan Cafe and got our picture taken with the Hutto Hippo. There are little hippos painted in all different ways all over Hutto. The high school's mascot is the hippo. There's even a store down the street from the Texan Cafe called Everything Hippo.


Tobes said...

I am in love with that hippo.

Kate said...

did you know I love hippos? if I ever had more time to spend visiting Austin, I'd have to arrange a side trip to hutto for these fabulous attractions. too bad.