Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

I had a great 32nd birthday... first-dinner with new and old friends at my favorite Brazilian restaurant, Sao Paulo's. I ate feijoada and the jazz band played Happy Birthday while I took a tasty shot compliments of the restaurant and then shared a piece of tres leches cake. I am not in this picture, but in case you were wondering I was wearing a white top that was originally a dress but my mom and I altered it to create a shirt. Brilliant, I know.
Next, the birthday bunch and I headed to a bar/coffee shop with lots of character called Rio Rita's. It was a great place to cap off my birthday.
The next day, my childhood friend Susan visited. We ate at one of my favorite Austin restaurants, Guero's where Susan magically spotted Luke Wilson. She is a celebrity spotting good luck charm. We then went to see the Old 97's play a fun show. Apparently 32 is still not too old to dance and sing along at an Old 97's show. If it is, I just don't care. I guess that's because you just don't care when you are 32 years YOUNG.

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Susan said...

That lady standing next to you must have been at least or close to 50 years old and she was singing and dancing. 32 is definitely not too old!