Monday, February 3, 2014

Catching up-January photo a day 30 "best invention ever"

What would I do without glasses?! 

And in the evening of the 30th, Bobby and I went downtown to the Alamo Ritz for the Austin premiere of "Mortified Nation."  (The building in the middle is the  Frost Tower.  Kinda crazy that it was not part if the skyline when I first moved to Austin.) The creators of Mortified flew out from LA for the film and we all did a Q&A together after with the audience. It was so fun! Bobby has some of it recorded but I haven't watched it yet. I "might" post it later. Afterwards we all went to my favorite bar/bakery, (because how many of those are there?) Easy Tiger. Good times but we cut out early because times hard to hang on a school night. The movie will be on Netflix soon!  Woo Hoo!